Care of toenails

I read in the New Scientist a little while ago that scientists had discovered the best way to cut toenails in order to avoid them ingrowing.  As I recall, it involved cutting the nail in the shape of a perfect parabola. My first reaction was that who the hell can cut a nail to that accuracy. My second was that they were incompetent ignoramuses. Toenails should be cut straight across or even with a slight concave shape.

My mother taught me this method when I was a child and I’ve been following it ever since. She also did this until, as she got older, had increasing difficulty cutting them. She had to have a chiropodist visit to treat her toes. This ‘expert’ cut her toenails with a convex curve, more or less as you would with fingernails. Needless to say, she developed ingrowing toenails and had to have the nails on both big toes removed. How do these idiot practitioners get qualified? Presumable it’s a case of the blind leading the blind? That’s my guess after bad experiences with opticians.

Anyway, just recently I found in an old book of hers where she got the original advice. It may be old but it works. It comes from the Daily Herald Enquire Within published by Odhams Press Limited. I don’t know the date of publication but it does contain useful illustrations of the latest types of gas-masks so let’s say sometime in WWII.

Here’s a copy of the article:

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