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Where does the name “Scarlet Jade Group” come from?

Many years ago, 1967 I think, A young lad told me he was setting up a band and needed a name for it. I first suggested “Jade” (that’s another boring tale) but he said that it needed more than one word in it so I said “Green Jade”. He then explained to this square – I haven’t changed much – that the first word in the name had to have the same number of syllables as the number of words in the name, with one less in the second, etc., as in “Strawberry Alarm Clock”.  Anyway, my second idea was “Scarlet Jade” which he liked but commented that he hadn’t seen any scarlet jade. I asked whether he’d seen a strawberry alarm clock, which he hadn’t, so the name was born.

I lost touch with him and didn’t hear of the band until a decade later when I was watching ITV late one evening when an hour-long live(?) concert started, starring the group “Scarlet Jade”. I’ve not heard of them since and neither has anyone else that I’ve asked.

So, this site is in honour of the group, “Scarlet Jade”.

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  1. Graham

    I’ve just posted a blog about the latest El Niño claiming (again) that it’s the strongest since 1950.
    I would be interested to know your thoughts on it and if I’ve put my foot in it again!



  2. Scarlett jade was the name of my dads band in the 60’s/70’s. Intrigued to find this information! Do you recall anything else?
    Jo Walker

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